Year-End Review: Our Most Popular and Helpful Articles of 2015

With another year winding down we wanted to share the articles that our visitors and customers have found the most helpful in 2015. We are honored and humbled that you have chosen us either a source of useful information or a provider of an awesome cable-killing product. We will summarize and link to each article below.

Having Trouble Streaming Videos? We Can Help!


So you’ve made one of the best decisions that you can make and purchased the Element Ti4 Android TV Box. We want to say Congratulations and thank you so much, we appreciate your business more than you know!

Now you go to use this amazing device, and all of a sudden, you are having issues with viewing the videos on the box!

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Fixing the Blank Screen in Kodi

We have been hearing from a lot of people lately who have opened Kodi to watch their favorite streams only to find a blank black screen! This can be very frustrating when you are sitting down to watch a new movie or one of your favorite TV shows.

Not to worry, there is nothing wrong with your Element Ti4 box.

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The Best Kodi Add-ons for What You Want To Watch!

The Element Ti4 has thousands of video add-ons pre-installed in the Kodi Media Center. This gives you virtually unlimited options as to what you can stream on the Ti4 Android TV Box. This is an amazing amount of choices, however, it also can make it difficult to choose which add-ons to use for certain types of programs.

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Streaming Service Subscriptions: Are They Really Saving You Money?

Apple has thrown their names into the ring as the latest company to offer a streaming bundle of channels and services. They most likely will not be the last company, but they may be the biggest to announce they will offer this service. The question is with these services, are they going to save you money in the long term, or are you adding another cost for a service that can be purchased for much less?

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Four Ways To Cut Your Cable Bill (Even without an Element Android Box)

The trend of cutting cable is only increasing and gaining even more options. With the just announced Stream app from Comcast, even major cable providers are now offering options for OTT (over the top) or streaming services. The truth is, there are many ways to cut the cost of cable even if you do not purchase one of our boxes. We will go over what we feel are some of the best options.

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Many people are interested in ways to save money while still having a large selection of streaming options. We would be missing out on an opportunity if we didn’t do a little shameless plug here. We do offer a product(the Element Ti4) that streams all of your favorite content WITHOUT monthly fees. We also now offer a FULLY LOADED box with Kodi Shortcuts Pre-Loaded. Both are great solutions for cutting your cable bills and saving thousands per year.

If you have any ideas for articles you would like to see, please let us know. You are what makes us great and we appreciate your feedback!

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