Why the Element Ti4 Android Box is the best on the market!

Recently, we have seen a lot of new Android TV boxes come into the market. There are companies with lots of different names, some clever, some nonsense, and some hard to pronounce. Many people will look at our box and say “well I can get XYZ box for less money”. But what else are you getting with that Android TV box? More importantly, what are you not getting with that box? These are things that are not taken into account. When price wins, usually quality will suffer at some level.

So, what makes the Element Ti4 Android TV box the best box on the market?


The Amlogic S812 is much faster and more capable than the S802 chip that comes in most other quad core boxes. We won’t even mention the Android TV boxes with dual core processors, they don’t even hold a candle to what our technology can do.

This makes a difference in not only how quickly you can access apps and addons, but also has a hand in the quality of the stream and the type of video that can be encoded. Our box also comes with an Octa-core graphics processor which is incredibly important in rendering the amazing graphics available in apps, streams, and other videos.

The utilization of this chip underlies our promise to offer the best technology at the best price. We want everyone to have an incredible streaming experience. This experience cannot and will not happen if you are not using the best technology.


Many Android TV Boxes offer you a box with Kodi, however, none of the addons are pre-loaded. For those of us who are not as tech savvy, adding these addons and repositories can be very frustrating and take up a lot of time.

With that in mind, we have included the Kodi addons on our box. This eliminates a large step in setting up your streaming experience. We have taken a lot of the headache out of how to setup Kodi. Again, this comes back to our commitment to offering the best experience for you. We realize that your time is valuable and we want to eliminate as many frustrating steps as possible. Installing the addons and adding shortcuts only take a couple of clicks. For video instructions on how to do that please click here and here.

Other Android TV boxes will have addons and shortcuts pre-installed. These boxes will usually be more expensive since they have taken the step of adding these for you. This can be great, but can also lead to a frustrating experience. Kodi is by nature, an ever-changing and evolving media center. This means that addons will go down and be replaced by new ones regularly. When one addon goes down, the shortcut will not go away and usually these boxes are not set up so that they are updated when that happens. Our box allows you to customize the addons that you want to use so that you are always using the ones that work best for you.


This is one of the most important differentiators on a couple of different levels. First, we have live US based support available Monday through Friday. This is SO important with the fickle nature of the Kodi Media Center. All of our tech support reps have the ability to login to your box remotely to help with troubleshooting issues and many times even fix the issues for you. It is very hard to find another Android TV Box company with this level of support.

The next thing that makes our support great is that we are not based in China. As anyone knows who has purchased electronic devices, they don’t always work like they are supposed to. We wish this wasn’t the case, but right now this is a truth we all have to deal with. If you buy a generic box from a Chinese company, many times you will have to return it to them to get them to fix the box. That is, IF they even offer a return program. This can take weeks, and if you have cut your cable, it can be a rough couple of weeks. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty on ALL of our products! If anything goes wrong with the box, antenna, remote, or anything else, we will either fix the product or send you a brand new one!

We are absolutely first-class when it comes to our service. If you can find another Android TV Box company that can offer this same level of support we would like to know who it is. The service is a huge part of the commitment that drives us. It is the commitment to offer the best streaming experience for the masses.


One of the biggest factors taken into account when you make a purchase is the price. When was the last time you purchased something without looking at the cost? Again, we truly set ourselves apart in this area.

Many people have told us our box looks like boxes from other companies. While this may be the case, the one area that does not look similar is the price tag for this amazing Android TV Box. We can imagine it does not feel good to pay three times as much for a product with less capable technology (trust us we have seen higher prices than that).

While our box may not be the absolute lowest priced Android TV Box out there, it certainly is nowhere near the most expensive. As far as value goes, there is no better Android box on the market. Always remember the old saying that you get what you pay for.


When you factor everything in that we have mentioned, the choice for the best Android TV Box is very clear. Not only do you get the best technology, the easiest setup, and the best service, you get an Android TV Box made by a company dedicated to providing the best experience for our customers. We will not accept anything but the best and we expect our customers to have the same mentality.

When it comes to choosing your Android TV Box, choose an Element Technologies box. DO NOT accept any clones, knock-offs, name-stealers, or anything not offered by Element Technologies. You can thank us later!

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