What happened to Exodus?

This sometimes happens to some of the best streaming add-ons.

They have issues, or they don’t work as well as they’re supposed to or they used to.

Exodus is clearly experiencing some issues with streams.

The good news is that there are lots of other add-ons on the box that work great for streaming the same content.

We recommend add-ons like Specto, Zen, Phoenix, and Silent Hunter. We can’t guarantee that every stream will work in these add-ons but there are plenty of options available.

Looking for even more add-ons?

Hover over the videos tab in Kodi and click on the add-ons tab beneath videos. It’s the tab shown in the picture below.

Your version may look a little different as this is a blank version.

We assure you that we’re working on a fix for this as quickly as possible. We REALLY appreciate your patience with this.

In the meantime, join our Facebook Support Group to get help from other Element box users, and subscribe to our Newsletter if you haven’t already to stay updated on the latest news.

We hope this helps! Happy Streaming!


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