Tips for Streaming in Genesis

Tips for getting the most out of Genesis

We have seen and heard a lot of things lately about Genesis going down or not working as well as it once did. Genesis is not dead and does not appear to be going anywhere at the moment. This is a good place for us to stress the importance of using multiple add-ons to stream. We will also stress the fact that these add-ons are free and the result of many hours of work from amazing developers. However, since Genesis is the most popular and widely used add-on, we wanted to give some tips on things that have worked for us.


  1. All streams will not work – Expect this. Know that you will get script errors or “no stream available” when trying to access the streams in Genesis. Genesis is one of the best and most reliable add-ons, but links go down or are moved constantly. A stream may work today that won’t tomorrow. Try several streams and then try some of the other tips before you may decide to give up.
  2. Clear Sources – This tip has helped when it seemed like none of the streams were working. It’s very simple to do. Simply click on the Genesis add-on. When you are on the first screen in Genesis:

Click “Tools”— Scroll down and click “Clear Sources”

When you search for sources/streams to play of a movie or episode, the results are stored so that if you try and play it again, it will load much faster as it doesn’t search again. However sometimes streams will die or you’ll only get early, lesser quality uploads, and you’ll want to refresh this search. Clearing sources in Genesis Tools will do this for you.

  1. Clear Cache – This is located in the same area as the clear tools option.

Click “Tools” – Scroll down and click “Clear Cache”.

As with the sources and streams, every time you load a page all the images you see get stored in your Genesis cache. The reason is very much the same as with sources, it helps load pages faster. However, this can take up space on your hard drive, so using the clear cache option will help free up space and refresh artwork.

You can do this as much as you like. Some people clear the cache every day, others every couple of weeks. We recommend doing it somewhat often to make sure everything works efficiently.

  1. Make sure Resume Playback is enabled – This is very helpful because unfortunately some streams will stop working while you are watching your content. This is another step that is very easy to check or enable. From the Genesis home screen:

Click “settings”—Scroll down and make sure the “resume playback” option has a blue light next                  to it.

This will save you the headache of having to go through the stream and find exactly where you left off. We hate it when something gets spoiled because we go too far in the stream. We want to help you prevent some of these streaming fails that we have experienced.

As always, there are many more tips that Kodi users have to help streaming in Genesis. Please let us know what tips work for you and help the community stay up to date on what’s working.

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