The Best Places to Find Answers

We’ve set up lots of valuable resources to make using our products much easier.

So, what are the best places to find answers?

We’re glad you asked! Just click the links in the below text to go right to these helpful pages.

If you’re a new user setting up your box for the first time, our Getting Started Guides on our Support page are extremely valuable. They’re quick videos that are very helpful!

Speaking of which, our Support Page is a great resource for lots of articles and videos to help make using our box extremely easy. The search feature there is really easy to use.

If you’re a visual person, our YouTube channel offers great videos on how to use your Element box. Let us know if there are any videos that you would like us to add.

Interacting with other users can be a great way to get answers to questions that you have. Our Facebook Support Group allows you to ask other users what they do in certain situations.

We hope you find these resources helpful.

Please let us know if there is anything that you would find helpful that we don’t have right now.

Thanks for your support!

Team Element


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