Streaming service subscriptions. Are they really saving you money?

Is going a la Carte for streaming services really saving you money?

Apple has thrown their names into the ring as the latest company to offer a streaming bundle of channels and services. They most likely will not be the last company, but they may be the biggest to announce they will offer this service. This bundle is rumored to include channels like Fox, CBS, ABC, FX, and ESPN and will most likely cost $30-$40 per month. Dish was one of the first to offer this with their Sling TV bundle that launched earlier this year. The question is with these services, are they going to save you money in the long term, or are you adding another cost for a service that can be purchased for much less?

First, let’s look at the cost of these popular streaming services individually.

Netflix – $9 per month

Hulu – $8 per month

Amazon Prime – $100/ year (roughly $8 per month)

Sling TV – $20 per month (plus $5 for each programming package like kids, sports, lifestyle, etc. This does not include local channels or CBS, Fox, NBC)

HBO Now – $15 per month (currently only on Apple devices)

Apple TV – $30-$40 per month (rumored and will only be available on Apple devices)

Playstation Vue – $50-$80 per month (rumored cost launching in two weeks and does not include ESPN)


Now, if you want a comprehensive package let’s look at what the monthly cost would equal.

We will assume that Apple TV is $35 per month and Playstation Vue is $65 per month

Apple TV + HBO Now + Hulu + Netflix + Amazon Prime = $75 per month

Playstation Vue + Sling TV + Netflix + HBO Now + Hulu = $117 per month

If you are one who really likes to go all out, let’s look at the cost of all of these services combined.

Playstation Vue + Apple TV + HBO Now + Sling TV + Netflix + Hulu + Amazon Prime = $160 per month

As you can see, these costs add up quickly! This does not take into account the cost of Internet service or the cost for the devices on which you will stream. When you add those costs in, the price really starts to jump. Netflix has raised its prices recently and it would be naïve to think that these service prices will never change either.

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