How To Stream Tonight’s Debate

The first Presidential Debate airs tonight at 9pm ET, 6pm PT. An expected 100 million people will tune in tonight, making this likely the most watched debate in history. Every broadcast network will air the debate commercial free, so those of you with HD Antennas are set.

However, there are still ways to watch the debate without a traditional TV connection. Check the below options to find one that works best for you.


YouTube will stream the debate in partnership with NBC. Click this link to tune in.

They’re also partnering with Bloomberg Politics. Click this link to tune in.

Or, you can choose the Washington Post stream on YouTube. Click this link to tune in.


Twitter is livestreaming the debate HERE. Or go to to watch live.


Facebook is partnering with ABC News for a live stream of the debate. Go to the ABC News page on Facebook to watch their stream.

The PBS Newshour Facebook page will also have a stream of the debate.


If you do have a cable subscription and would like to watch the debates on one of your other devices, you can do that as well. The Fox News and CNN Go apps will offer live streams on Android, iPhone, and iPad.


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