Stream Netflix in Ultra HD on Your Element Box

Great news for our Netflix users!

We’ve updated the Netflix app through the E-Z Stream Updater. Now you can stream in 4K if your Netflix subscription includes Ultra HD streaming. Of course, a 4K TV is required to stream in that quality.

Even if you don’t have a 4K TV, you can stream in higher quality with this version of the Netflix app.

FIRST, before you run the updater app, make sure to delete the older version of Netflix on your box. 

Follow the instructions below to uninstall the Netflix app:

Element Ti4 – Settings => Other => More Settings => Apps => Netflix => Uninstall

Element Ti5 & Ti8 – Settings => Apps => Scroll to Netflix => Uninstall

Once you’ve uninstalled the Netflix app, run the updater and click Install next to the Netflix update.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do this before running the updater so you don’t have to guess about which version of Netflix is the newer version.