Study Shows 41% of Cable Customers Plan on Cutting or Scaling Back Service

A new study by market research firms FocusVision and Zanthus found that 41% of pay TV subscribers are planning to either cut back on or completely cut their subscriptions in the near future. The survey of 1,000 customers found that 41% of cable customers were planning to scale back or cut their cable connection, while just 16% of over the top streaming customers said the same thing. The report found that the majority of people, 51% of TV watchers, use both traditional cable and a streaming video service (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon).

Given the poor history of support and seemingly endless price hikes by cable companies, customers were much more likely to recommend streaming services.

Pay TV also scored poorly on customer satisfaction for those same reasons. 27% of pay TV customers said they were satisfied with value and 41% were satisfied with customer care, compared to 59% and 62% for streaming video customers, respectively.

As we’ve said here before, the benefits of streaming are massive. One of the biggest being the money and hassle saved by ditching the cable company.

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