Live TV: Where To Go and What to Expect

Streaming Live TV is one of the great luxuries in life. Staying up to date on news, sports, or your favorite reality shows is a big part of the viewing experience. We get a lot of questions from people about streaming live TV. The biggest questions are where to look for live TV, or which add-on has XYZ channel? The best way to address this is to go over some of the best add-ons and also what to expect from them.

The Best Live TV Add-ons

These are not ranked in any particular order. We DO NOT host, run, support, or administer any of these add-ons. If the add-on is down we would recommend contacting the developer directly.

  1. Sports Devil – Again, no particular order, but if you are a huge sports fan this is number one with a bullet. Stream any sport from basically any country. The amount of choices combined with consistent streams makes this one of the best add-ons of any kind. When you really start looking at all of the content in this add-on you will also find other live streams that are not sports related.
  2. Phoenix – This add-on is very diverse and offers not only live TV, but options for a large amount of HD movies and TV shows. The Phoenix TV section of the add-on has some great live streams for sports and regular channels. The crusader88 section is awesome for international streams.

Another option is Mobdro, which can be added as an app outside of Kodi. It has worked very well lately. Click HERE to go to their web site. Use the browser on the box to install that. It does have some great live TV options.

Not sure how to add the add-ons in Kodi? Click HERE for a video on how to do that.

What to Expect

This is just as important as the add-ons themselves. These live TV streams rely on links that go up and down quickly. The links will not always work, and they will not always be in HD. Nor can they guarantee that they will get your favorite one-off network (there are a lot these days). Go into this with the expectation that these may be inconsistent or may require a little extra work to get exactly what you want.

Also, the nature of the Live TV links are that they go up and down very quickly. One of the best add-ons this week could be gone by next week. We will keep this up to date, but know that they can be volatile. The good thing about this ever-changing landscape of add-ons is that when one goes down, it is usually replaced by another one. Stay tuned to our forum for updates as well.

If Live TV is really what you’re looking for, we recommend an HD Antenna. We do offer this product, which you can check out HERE. Even if you don’t go with our product, get an HD Antenna that has a good range and offers HD local channels, you won’t regret it.

As always, let us know if you think we missed one or if you have another option that works great for you. In this community, we all want to help each other. If you can point someone in the right direction it’s just good Karma.



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