Latest Kodi Media Center Update! What does that mean for you?


It is still surprising to me how few people know about the amazing open-source Media Center called Kodi (formerly XBMC). If you would like to learn a little more about Kodi and how new releases are tested, check out the article here.

Kodi is the comprehensive Media Center on the Element Ti4 Android TV Box that allows you access to your favorite streaming movies, TV shows, live sports, and live TV. It is an open-sourced platform, which means it is constantly being worked on and upgraded by thousands of developers. This benefits you in so many ways. There are many different sets of eyes and many different experiences that factor into what will be released when they upgrade the Kodi Helix Media Center. This allows for more frequent updates targeted at fixes and upgrades that will make your viewing and streaming experience much more enjoyable.

Kodi released the 14.1 upgrade to the Helix Media Center last night and we will always work to let you know about the latest upgrades and how they affect you. In the release of the 14.0 upgrade, there was some compatibility issues with some of the add-ons and also some of the skins used when navigating the Kodi TV box interface. You should see that happening much less with the new update. These new updates will also keep up with the latest video codecs and allow more 4k streaming capability.

Here are some of the fixes that were included in this Kodi 14.1 release:

Fixed DXVA flickering on AMD.
Fixed incorrect screensize on Android Application Markup Language.
Fixed likely problem in library navigation.
Fixed possible library sorting problems.
Fixed large file support on Android.
Fixed random exiting on Android x86 devices.
Fixed crashing on circular dependencies of add-ons.
Fixed broken keyboard input.

Again, these are just a few of the fixes included in this release and these are some of the less technical fixes. The standard Kodi skin, now called re-touched, also now includes a PVR section. Kodi has also been updated to run with the newest Raspberry Pi 2 device.

As soon as we know more about the release of the Kodi 14.1 Helix release we will update you on that information. You can always be sure that we will update you with all of the latest information related to your Kodi-loaded Element Ti4 Quad Core Android TV Box. Check out our other articles and like our Facebook page to make sure you have all of the latest information. Choose the Element Ti4 Quad Core Android TV Box and join the cable cutting revolution today!

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