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The growth of Netflix has been explosive since the streaming service was founded in 1997. It was recently reported that this service accounts for close to 10% of upstream on the Internet and 35% of overall bandwidth in North America. Netflix can be used on all kinds of video streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, and of course on the Element Ti4 Android TV Box. One of the reasons for the popularity of Netflix is that it can be used on so many of these devices. But how does it compare to the Kodi Media Center on the Element Ti4 box?

Netflix makes its money by charging its subscribers a monthly fee of $8.99 to access their library of streaming videos. Until recently, the monthly fee was only $7.99. As they add more movies and sign more contracts with movie stars like Adam Sandler the price will most likely continue to increase. They have launched lots of original content that takes large sums of money to produce. Along with the increasing cost, there are many shows that are not available on Netflix due to conflicts between the production companies and Netflix.

I am by no means trying to put down Netflix, they do offer a nice product at somewhat of a low cost. I am merely wanting to show the differences between what they can offer and what you can expect with the Kodi media center.

KODI is a free program that is developed by the KODI (formerly XBMC) team. KODI is a program that was originally developed as an open source home theater system to help users access their media files and play them on one platform instead of having to use many different ones. The benefit of these platforms is that once they are available, users can tailor them to help fit their needs. This has certainly been the case with the KODI platform. Third-party developers have created their own apps or “add-ons” available on KODI. This led to the platform evolving from a home theater system to a platform that you can use to watch content from the Internet.

This has expanded to the point where there are now over 1,000 KODI add-ons that can be installed on your Element Ti4 Android TV Box. These programs pull data from blogs and web sites and allow you access to massive databases of video content including many TV shows, live sports, movies, and documentaries. The best part of these add-ons is that they are completely free to the users. This is the reason why many people are cutting the cable and choosing a KODI Element Android TV Box.

Now let’s get to the head-to-head comparison of these two services to see how they stack up for different types of content.



We will make a rough estimate and say that Netflix has around 10,000 different movies streaming on its service. This does sound like a lot of different options for its users.

KODI, on the other hand, offers far more options than Netflix. While there is no way to put an exact number on the amount of movies available on the KODI media center, the apps and add-ons allow you to almost any movie ever made. That is the power of this system, you are not limited by the same constraints that Netflix faces. KODI checks in at over 100,000 movies available on its platform.
In the movie category, KODI is head and shoulders above Netflix in what it can offer its users.


This is a big selling point for Netflix. They advertise that they can offer thousands of different shows. Around 5,000 is the number that they estimate. However, when you look at the way they count these TV shows, it’s a little misleading. They count every season of a show as a different TV show. If a show has ten seasons, Netflix will count that as ten different TV shows. Another difference is that Netflix is usually a season behind on the shows that they do offer on their service, which means you would still have to have cable to watch the latest episodes. For the purposes of this article, however, we will stick with numbers for comparison.

With KODI, the number of shows available to watch is virtually unlimited. Again, it is hard to put an exact number on the amount of shows offered, but we can say that the number is far greater than the inflated 5,000 that Netflix advertises that they offer. This is another area where KODI crushes Netflix. Are you beginning to see a common theme?


This is an easy win for KODI, as Netflix does not offer any way to stream live sports for their users. They have also shown no desire to even pursue this option for their users. Again, if you would like to watch live sports you would have to keep your cable subscription along with paying the Netflix subscription fee.

KODI again offers unlimited options for watching live sports. No matter what kind of sports you like, there is an option available for you. Whether it is Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, or even more obscure sports like Rugby or Cricket, KODI has a streaming option for you. The Sportsdevil add-on is a very popular one that allows you to watch sports from all over the world. The best part about this is again, it is completely free!


This is another option that is absolutely not available on Netflix. While some of the other categories are tough to estimate as far as what is offered, this one is easy, the number is zero! This is again why even if you have a Netflix subscription, you are not able to cut the cable.

With KODI, you have access to many live TV streams. Watch channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, Disney, Discovery Channel, and many others. Many of the add-ons that you are able to access with KODI allow you to truly cut the cable and still watch all of your favorite shows and channels. Kodi even has things called custom channels that play one certain show over and over. They play all of the episodes of that show in order, all of the time and with no commercials.

The conclusion here is pretty obvious. Netflix is hindered by many things and simply does not come anywhere near offering the options that KODI offers its users. KODI beats Netflix in all of the categories that we compared, and the competition is not even close. They do not have the number of movies and TV shows available on KODI and they do not even offer anything for watching live sports and TV channels. When you also consider that the Netflix monthly subscription fee is $8.99, it is another win for KODI in this already unfair battle. KODI is completely free and offers unlimited options for its users. In fact, many of our users no longer use Netflix once they have discovered what KODI has to offer. We hope that you share our enthusiasm for this amazing platform!

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