Kodi No Stream Available: What’s Causing this?

Recently, we have heard people blaming boxes and Kodi for the “No Stream Available” message. This has NOTHING to do with either of these things.

It’s a message that every Kodi user has encountered. Seasoned users know that it’s no big deal, new users think it may be a problem with Kodi or the device on which they are streaming.

This message has NOTHING to do with the device you are using to stream.

There are a couple of expectations of Kodi that may not be totally correct. This can lead to confusion or frustration when encountering this message.

First, people believe that because there is a link in Kodi for the stream, that the stream MUST be available. This is NOT true. Kodi is not a place where all Movies and TV shows are stored. It’s not a mystical vault that has every single stream imaginable.

Add-ons like Phoenix and Exodus are more like search engines than anything. They are pulling lists of movies and TV shows from places like IMDB, Trakt, or themoviedb. This is why you will see spaces for movies and TV shows that have not been released. There are no streams available, they are listed because they showed up in one of these databases.

For live TV, this message is shown when the link to the stream has been removed or moved. This happens often due to the nature of streaming live TV. The links are moved and removed so often, that the streams are unreliable many times. For live local TV we recommend an HD Antenna.

Next, and this goes hand in hand with the first, if you are searching for a more obscure movie or TV show, there is no guarantee that a stream is available.

If the sites that are scraped for streams do not have any sources available for these streams, you will get the dreaded “No Stream Available” message. The older or less popular a show or movie is, the less likely there is to be a working link available.

Do not blame the add-ons themselves as they are not hosting the content. They are providing a service that finds available links and makes them available in one place.

Do not blame the box you are using for the stream not being available either. The box has NOTHING to do with the stream not being available.

How can I fix this?

There is no way to prevent this from happening. However, if you have the right expectation, you will know that this is a common occurrence.

The best thing to do is keep trying links to find one that works. The beauty of a lot of these add-ons is that many of them provide many different links to try. Sometimes the first one will work, sometimes it’s the 15th link. It depends on where you are looking and what you are streaming.

If you truly believe that there should be a stream available for your movie or show and that you are receiving this message in error, you can try running a Force Stop on Kodi or Clearing the Cache. This should resolve a lot of the issues.

If you have a fully-loaded Element box you can run the updater app. This will erase any add-ons that you have added yourself.

Let us know if you are seeing this issue and where. We are happy to help!


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