Kodi Helix 14.0

There are many questions about the release process of the new Kodi 14.0 Helix operating system. To help clear up some of these questions, we decided to write a post about the latest on the new upgrade.

Many people who are not familiar with this system believe that because the update is in testing, that it is now ready for use on your Android TV Box. However, this is far from the truth as the latest version must undergo Alpha and Beta testing before there can be a release candidate actually ready for use on your set top box. We at Kodi Element will only use the final release version to use on our Android TV Box. We feel that it would not be fair or responsible for us to upload a version of the Kodi Helix operating system that is not a final version and still has bugs to work out. We know that technology can sometimes be frustrating enough without having to deal with these issues.

So how does the Kodi interface move from the beginning stages of the process to the final release version that will be uploaded onto our set top box? That’s a great question to which many people do not know the answer. The Alpha version is first created as a very uncut and raw version that still has many issues to work through. The developers then release what they call “nightly builds” that allow different users to test the different versions and all of the different fixes implemented to deal with certain bugs. This stage will usually last four-six weeks depending on how quickly the issues can be resolved. After this stage comes the Beta build of the Kodi Helix 14.0 interface. In much the same way as in the Alpha testing period, nightly builds are released to help overcome many of the problems still existing at this stage. If previous versions are any indicator, there could be up to three different Beta versions released of Kodi Helix 14.0. This was the case with the previous XBMC Gotham release.

After the Beta testing phase of Kodi has been completed, next comes the release candidate version of the interface. Again, this takes the process of resolving issues one step further and the final version of Kodi is starting to come into a much clearer view. The release candidate of Kodi Helix 14.0 will be tested usually for a couple of weeks before making its way to the final step of the process.

The final step of the process is the Kodi Helix 14.0 Final Candidate. This is the final version of Kodi that will be released. However, this step in the process is far from the last update. There were several different updates for each version of Gotham and Frodo, the previous versions of XBMC.

Now that the process has been better explained in much more detail, it will be much easier to follow the progress of the Kodi Helix as well as future versions of Kodi. Our goal at Kodi Element is to not only offer the best, most solid Android TV Box on the market, but to also educate our users on how things work and the best way to use their boxes.

We will also never rush to release a product or version of Kodi that we do not fully trust or one that has not been through the necessary tests. You can have the peace of mind knowing that you have the best versions available for your Kodi Element Android TV Box. Some different companies will try to take advantage of the name change and release a version that has not been completed. We do not feel this is right to do as it places the hassle of dealing with the bugs that should have been worked through on you.

Now that you are more educated on what to look for, you can spot these Alpha, Beta, and Release Candidate versions of Kodi Helix 14.0 so that you can avoid purchasing a box that does not contain the final version.

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