Kodi Builds: Why We Don’t Recommend Them

We all love the latest and greatest. We hear about a new Kodi build, it has a cool screen and a cool name, and we have to have it.

Not so fast!

These builds are very inconsistent and not always compatible with our box. Sure, they may work great for a couple of weeks, but when the build stops being developed it can be very frustrating.

What is a build?

A build is basically a pre-configured Kodi file built by someone. Builds are usually installed through a repository and sound great because they offer lots of streaming add-ons. Many of these offer easy shortcuts to certain content.

Do we support builds?

We are not able to support any builds that you install on your Element box. We can only support what we put on the box and the functionality of the box itself. If you decide to install a build, you’ll have to contact the developer of that build for help with troubleshooting.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that we’ve already configured our box a certain way. When you install a build that is built for all types of boxes and not specifically ours, it can conflict with certain settings we already have in place. This can lead to frustration when nothing seems to work and you can’t figure out how to perform certain functions.

Another problem with builds is that they usually follow a similar life cycle. They are released and tons of people on YouTube and other blogs talk about how great they are, this leads to lots of people downloading the build. The developer updates the build a couple of times and then lets it die as they lose interest in developing it further.

We’re not saying every build is like this, but it’s the large majority.

The abandonment of the build leads to many frustrated people having to find a new build to use. The cycle continues, and it leads to more frustration.

What’s the solution?

The solution is you don’t need a build. We’ve already optimized everything so that it works great. Our E-Z Stream Updater makes sure you’re always up to date with the latest streaming apps. Plus, we’re always updating things so that you don’t have to deal with a lot of the frustration that come with builds.

We hope this helps understand builds a little more and why we feel the way we do about them. We also hope it leads to easier streaming!

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