Kodi Releases Version 17 Release Candidate – What You Need To Know

Kodi ended 2016 by releasing a release candidate of Version 17 of Kodi, called Krypton. While we know everyone wants the shiny new thing, the newest version is not always the best. Here are some things to know about Kodi 17.

What’s different with this version of Kodi?

The developers of Kodi have gone to greater lengths to make it difficult to download third party apps that are not approved by them. That being said, they’ve released new skins, estuary and estouchy (touch enabled).estuary


Again, using these skins will make it very difficult to use the add-ons that you’ve come to know and love. This is one of the reasons we do not recommend downloading the newest version of Kodi. They’ve also updated some smaller things like the music and video players.

One of the biggest changes with Kodi 17 is that it will only work with Android 5.0 and above (more on that later). As older versions of Android age, it’s not worth the time to support these versions. Kodi has focused on the newer versions of Android.

Will Kodi 17 work on the Element Ti4?

Unfortunately since the Ti4 ran Android 4.4, Kodi 17 will not work on that model Element box. The Amlogic chip that we use for this box does not have a stable version of Android 5.0 available for that chip. For that reason, we have not updated the OS on that box. Doing so would cause more problems with a buggy firmware that does not meet our standards. Stick with 16.1 on the Ti4 and enjoy the awesome streaming that it provides.

Can I download Kodi 17 on my Element box? 

You can if you have the Element Ti5 or Ti8, however, we do not recommend this. The Element E-Z Stream Updater is not yet compatible with Kodi 17 and therefore will not work. Also, as of now, will we not be able to support issues with Kodi 17. We will be happy to do this once we have tested our version of Kodi 17 and have released it in the E-Z Stream Updater.

When will Element release a version of Kodi 17?

Once we have tested this version and made sure it’s easy to use with the E-Z Stream Updater, we will release our version of Kodi 17. Because the latest release is only a release candidate, we will not be working with this version. We will wait until a final version is released. We have found that this works best for our customers as it allows us, and the developers of Kodi, to work through all of the bugs in the release candidate.

Have any other questions? Contact us by email, we’re happy to help.

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