KODI 15.1 and why we DON’T recommend upgrading…YET!

Since the final release candidate of Kodi 15.0 was made available last month, we have gotten many questions about how to upgrade to this new version. The Kodi team is already fast at work and have now released a release candidate for Kodi 15.1, there are even rumors about Kodi 16.0. While this is great news, and while Kodi always delivers great versions to upgrade capabilities and fix issues…we DO NOT recommend upgrading to this version just yet…HERE’S WHY.

When a new version is released it usually fixes some issues, but causes more when interacting with different addons and other apps. As newer updates are released, like 15.1 and eventually 15.2, these issues are fixed for the most part and lead to the most stable version for everyday use.


For every call we get asking if that person should upgrade, we get two other ones from users who have upgraded and are now having problems. The best way to not have to deal with these problems is to NOT upgrade at the very least until version 15.2 is available.


You will see pop-ups or scrolling texts that say the new version is available and should be upgraded. We would recommend that you disregard these messages and NOT upgrade yet. The addons that are pre-loaded on our box will not carry over if you do not upgrade correctly. This can be a complicated process, one that can be very frustrating as well. We would like to spare you as much frustration as possible. Due to the complications, we are not able to support issues arising from incorrectly upgrading Kodi.


Stay tuned to our web site, forum, and Facebook page for notifications on upgrades. We appreciate your support and feedback!



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