Is Upgrading to 17.1 Necessary?

Chances are, if you’ve used Kodi in the last couple of days, you’ve seen this message staring you in the face.

The folks at TV addons are making you aware of the fact that the 17.1 version of Kodi is now stable.

Does it mean you have to upgrade?

No, it doesn’t mean you have to upgrade. Many add-ons are still working fine on 16.1. Plus, if you have a Ti4 box, you won’t be able to upgrade since Kodi decided not to develop this version for anything older than Android 5.1.

Again, this was not our decision to not develop this version with older versions of Android. It’s unfortunately something that happens with all technology. As we all know, if you have the iPhone 4, you don’t have access to the same features as the iPhone 7. Once a certain version reaches a certain age, the development is discontinued to focus on newer versions.

So, back to Kodi 17.1. We’re working very hard on developing a stable version for our updater app and should have something out very soon. Stay tuned for news on that.

As always, we do recommend that you wait for our official release of this version. We thank you again for your patience!

Happy Streaming!

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