How the Element Ti4 Quad Core Box Destroys the Competition!


Very simply, the Element Ti4 uses the best technology to allow you to stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports FOR FREE! Other options like the Roku and Fire TV advertise that they will “help” cut cable costs, but do they really? All of these devices are great; however, they come nowhere near the performance and versatility of the Element Ti4 Android TV Box. If you are looking to stream an unlimited amount of content and truly free yourself from monthly cable bills, the Element Ti4 is the only solution! So what are the main differences between the Element Ti4 and other options available now?


These products available now are great for what they are designed to do, which is to make it easier to purchase content from them. The Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku all allow you to stream content; however, the content is available using paid subscription services like Hulu and Netflix(view a comparison of the Element and Netflix here). While you may cut your cable bill initially, the subscription costs add up quickly. Also, the streaming services available for live sports require a monthly, or per-season fee that can be hefty. With the Element Ti4 Android TV Box, all of this content and much more are available WITHOUT any fees or bills! The Kodi Media Center interface pre-loaded on the Element Ti4 easily allows you to navigate through an unlimited amount of movies, TV shows, and live sports to find exactly what you love and want to watch. With only a couple of clicks, you can access hundreds of add-ons developed to find your favorite content. The Element Ti4 Android Box is not designed to push you to purchase any type of content. All of it is free and immediately at your fingertips.


The price for some of these set-top boxes is lower, but many people do not factor in the cost of all of the subscription services and extra content that they purchase on these boxes. This can easily double or triple the cost associated with using these devices. With the Element Ti4 box powered by Kodi, the only cost is what is paid for the box. Along with every Element Ti4 Quad Core Android TV Box, a one year warranty is included in case anything happens to the box during that time. You are free to use the device for whatever content you like, while having the peace of mind knowing that you can send it back if anything happens.

While these other boxes can be a nice solution for some, they do not hold a candle to what the Element Ti4 Android TV Box can do. No one else can offer an all-in-one set top solution that allows you to completely cut the cost of cable. Element Technologies will always offer a true low-priced solution and will never push you to purchase content from any provider. Like ourFacebook page and check our Forums for updates and to interact with other Element users.

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