How does Kodi work?

The Kodi home theater program is a hot topic among many of the Android TV Box users around the world. The Kodi name is a relatively new one in the market, due to the recent name change from XBMC. The Kodi system can be used for many tasks on a variety of different devices. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on how Kodi is used on the Android platform.

Kodi can be used by anyone to access computer files, as well as stream music and TV shows, view pictures, and create add-ons. The open source nature of this program allows developers to create new programs to work hand in hand with the Kodi platform.

Kodi is a comprehensive home theater and PC program that allows you to also connect the computers on your network, allowing you to access all of your personal files and media through your Kodi Element Android TV Box. You no longer have to attach your computer to your TV to view the pictures, videos, and other media files located on your personal PC or laptop. In the future, we will write more articles that will instruct you exactly how do to this. Rest assured, this is an easy process and will allow you the ultimate freedom of accessing your files from the comfort of your couch.

Kodi Add-ons

The true power of the Kodi Element Android TV Box and the Kodi home theater program itself lies in the endless possibilities of add-ons that can be created and added onto your box. Many of you know what an add-on is, but in case you are new to this home theater system an add-on is a program created by an experienced developer that locates content on the Internet and allows you to play it directly on your TV. If you love to watch very specific things like for example, animal documentaries, a programmer would create an add-on that would locate publicly available programs from places like Natgeo or Animal Planet. They would locate this source that hosts these programs and then write a Python script that is designed to search databases of these channels. After the Python script has been created, the developer then compiles the add-on to make it compatible with Kodi.

The add-ons on your Kodi Element Android TV Box will be available to be searched on your Kodi main menu. From there, the user may search different categories such as favorites, A-Z, and even the sub categories of very specific add-ons. By clicking on the results of your search, the Python script will then connect you with the URL of the source site to view your streaming video on demand at any time. These scripts can also help you when searching for live sports, music, and any other type of content for which you are searching. Our Android TV Box does not come with a large amount of add-ons that you may never use, rather, we allow you to choose which ones you wish to have to customize your viewing experience.

You do not need to be a developer yourself nor do you need to know how to write a Python script to get the most out of your Kodi Element Android TV Box. The add-ons have already been created for you to enjoy and the Android TV Box Kodi operating system makes it incredibly easy to add these apps and add-ons directly to your box within minutes. We will always strive to help make the use of your Android TV box as efficient and as simple as possible. We hope that this has helped you understand how these programs work and interact. If you have any additional comments or questions please email us we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for choosing the Kodi Element Android TV Box.

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