The one thing that customers have asked for the most, the one thing that truly helps cut the cable completely, is now available from Element Technologies. What is that one thing? LIVE local TV!!! There are live TV add-ons available through KODI, but none of them offer local channels to keep you up to date on the latest news happening in your area. We have now solved this issue with our amazing new HD Antenna!

The HD Antenna offers an amazing 55 MILE range and comes with an amplifier to maximize the signal strength and quality. Customers have gotten up to 50 channels from the Antenna alone! Combine that with the unlimited content of TV shows and movies on the Element Ti4 and your cable bills will be a thing of the past! Hundreds of dollars can be saved per month by using this amazing technology.

Not only can the Antenna get a huge range of channels and save you money, but it is also PAPER THIN! Hide it behind your TV, Velcro it to the wall using the included strips, or even incorporate into your decorations. There are lots of possibilities and lots of ways to take advantage of this new HD Antenna.

The HD Antenna is easy to use and even easier to install. Simply plug in one side of the cable to your TV, the other side to the antenna, and do a scan for channels. That’s it! You’re finished setting up the HD Antenna and ready to enjoy all of the channels it has to offer.

We are now offering this awesome Antenna and will soon be offering a complete cable cutting package that will include the box and the remote. Stay tuned to our web site and our Facebook page for details on that release!

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