Five Alternatives for Genesis

So it’s official, the once great add-on Genesis is no longer being updated. This may be sad news for some, but we see it differently. This is a great opportunity to use some of the other great add-ons in Kodi.

One thing to remember in this case is that all of these add-ons are free. It takes a lot of time and a LOT of work to keep something like this running. Much credit should be given to Lambda, the developer of Genesis for the work he has done.

With that being said, another point to make here is that you should never get too attached to one add-on. This is a mantra that you will hear repeated over and over on our page. Add-ons go up and add-ons go down, that is the nature of the beast. There are many other capable add-ons besides Genesis that are made by some incredibly talented developers. We will list a couple of the ones we are using so that you can check out some that you may not have tried yet.

  1. Phoenix – One of the most well-known add-ons besides Genesis. The amount of diverse content within Phoenix is second to none. If you’re not sure of what it offers click HERE for a breakdown of all of the sub add-ons in Phoenix. We personally love documentaries, and One242415 has a huge list to choose from.
  2. Velocity – This is another add-on from the very talented developer Blazetamer, who also developed Phoenix. It has a long list of movies and TV shows including some of the latest and greatest. The sources within Velocity are very reliable and strong. Click HERE for instructions on how to download it.
  3. 1Channel – This add-on has been around for a while and it continues to be a reliable source for movies and TV shows.
  4. IceFilms – Another add-on that has been reliable for a long time. It continues to release updates to fix things and make it an even more reliable streaming source. IceFilms now also includes the option to integrate Real Debrid, which can make the streams fast and high quality.
  5. SALTS – An abbreviation for Stream All The Sources, this add-on pulls metadata from Trakt and it works best if you have the Trakt add-on installed on Kodi. This add-on is one that is often updated as well to make it better.

All of these options will allow you to stream all of your favorites shows and movies without skipping a beat. Plus, we have heard rumors that Lambda is working on a new add-on that could replace Genesis. We will have to stay tuned for that one, but the amount of options to stream on Kodi will always be vast and diverse.

These are five that we have used with great success lately. These are not the only five alternatives and we know many of you use other add-ons. Let us know what is working best for you and if you have any tips for getting the most out of these add-ons.



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