E-Z Streaming is Now Even Better!

We originally released the E-Z Stream Updater app to make the set up of Kodi easy for everyone. We think we’ve accomplished that goal.

However, there were some kinks that needed to be worked out. One of which was that the updater would erase all of your favorites in Kodi as well as any extras you have added like Trakt, Real Debrid, and any other add-ons you’ve added.

We’re happy to say that we’ve fixed that problem!

You now have the option to run a “fresh install” or “save user settings” when you run the E-Z Stream Updater.

The fresh install will run a complete re-install and erase all of the extras you’ve added in Kodi. It’s exactly like running the older version of the updater.

The save user settings option will keep all of the extras that you’ve added while making the necessary changes that we’ve made to make your version of Kodi run as smoothly as possible.

When you open the updater app, it should prompt you to install the latest version.

If it doesn’t, please use the below instructions.


1. Open your Web Browser App. That is the one with the Icon of a Globe of the Earth. On the address bar at the top, erase the address that is there and type in http://tinyurl.com/elementv25

2. If you typed the address correctly you will see a small pop up that says “Starting Download.” If you get a Pop-Up Window, just click Browser Always.

3. Press the Home button on your remote to get to the home screen of the unit.

4. Click on “My Apps” or “All Apps”.

5. Click on App installer.

6. Click on Local Disk.

7. Let it search for the program.

8. Click on E-Z Stream Update.
(If you have downloaded previous versions of the Updater please make sure you are clicking on the newest one.)

9. A pop up will appear. Click on install and let it install.

10. Once it is done installing click on Open.

11. Once the program opens click on Continue.

12. Click on the build you want to install and let it install.

13. Once it is done installing the build it will automatically open Kodi.

14. Congratulations, you have just installed the new Element E-Z Stream Updater!

Let us know if you have any issues!

Thank you for all of your feedback in making this the best version of the E-Z Stream Updater!