Cut the Cable

Watch the TV shows, movies, and live sports that you want without the monthly fees and service charges the big cable companies use to take your hard-earned money. Everyone has experienced that situation, staring at a three figure monthly cable bill wondering why the price is so high and what services are even included in that price. That’s without going over the additional hidden fees that are included in every bill. Cable bills have increased at twice the rate of inflation for annually over the last 17 years. This is a trend that does not look to be moving in the opposite direction any time soon.

Join the other thrifty, value-seeking consumers who have the cut the cable and discovered Element Android TV Boxes. We offer many of the same benefits (and even more in most cases) offered by the cable company at a small fraction of the price and without monthly fees. Not only does the Element box allow you to sever that relationship with that cable company you love so much, but you do not have to sacrifice missing your team’s big game or the season premiere or finale of your favorite TV show. Watch your favorite YouTube videos and surf the web using your HDTV.

Not only do you not have to sacrifice watching your favorite programs, you also don’t have to sacrifice a large chunk of your paycheck to own an Element box. Our Android TV Box is one of the lowest priced and highest quality boxes on the market. It is a win-win for you and your bank account.

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