Air Mouse Kodi Shortcuts to Make Streaming Easier!

Our Air Mouse remote makes navigating all Element Android TV Boxes so much easier. The remote allows you to quickly move the cursor from app to app, while the QWERTY keyboard makes searching for your favorite movies and TV shows a breeze.

But did you know that the QWERTY keyboard has shortcuts you can use while streaming in Kodi? These shortcuts make streaming even easier!

Here’s a list of the buttons on the keyboard and what functions they perform while streaming:

C – Shows add-on information. Also, when scrolling over a movie, clicking the letter C brings up movie information and even trailers.

Space – Pause/Play on your stream. Click once to pause, click again to resume play.

F – Fast forward. The more you hit the F key, the faster it will go.

R – Rewind. The more you hit the R key, the faster it will go.

P – Play.

I – Information on the movie.

M – Pulls up the Kodi menu which shows play, pause, FF, Rew, sound options, etc.

O – Codec information.

Z- Zoom.

A – Audio offset. This will help sync the audio and visual of the stream you are watching. Can help if the two are not matching up. Click ESC or back to remove audio offset menu from screen.

ESC РMoves the stream to the background and allows you to browse the add-on for other streams.

These are a few of the most helpful keyboard shortcuts in Kodi. We hope this is valuable information that you can use to stream better and faster!

If you don’t have an Air Mouse remote yet, Get yours today!

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