Add-on Spotlight: Phoenix

We will be doing a series of spotlights on add-ons that are used in the Kodi app. The first add-on that we will spotlight is one of the most comprehensive and diverse of any provided, the Phoenix add-on. This add-on is developed by Blazetamer and after the new 2.5.9 update released over the weekend, it looks like there has been some help from Lambda (the developer of Genesis).

One of the best things about Phoenix is that it offers you multiple sub-sections within the add-on itself. It’s kind of like add-ons within an add-on. It’s the Inception of Kodi add-ons! However, not many people know all that Phoenix has to offer.

With that said, we have made a breakdown of what you can view within each sub-section of this amazing add-on. Huge props to Blazetamer for such great work.

If you need to know how to add this add-on to your Element Ti4 click HERE.

Phoenix TV

This sub-section has Live TV links from all over the US, UK, and Canada. The Categories Included in this section are:




World News

Woody- This is a very popular link that used to have its own sub-section. It returns with the latest update with a diverse array of live TV options.


This sub-section is one of the best options for international streams in Kodi. The Categories listed in this section are:

Arabic Channels

International Channels – This includes links for countries all over the world. When you click this link you can scroll through all of the countries available. When you click on a country it will show all of the links available.

Her Place

This is really cool because it offers a huge selection for Women of all ages. Ladies get left out sometimes when it comes to Kodi add-ons. This add-on has a wide variety of content. Search new releases, kids shows, and search by specific actress using the “my girls” link.

There’s even a “workout” section that has very high quality fitness content. Her Place also has a section with Kodi “how-to” videos. That section does require you to download the YouTube addon. It is well worth it as there are some very helpful links.


Another section that really highlights the beauty of the Phoenix add-on. There are too many sections to list on this one but it’s worth taking a look. There are lots of older music and comedy specials, and even sections specifically for sports documentaries and international channels. This section also gets a lot of love because they recently uploaded every movie made by a certain company with a mouse logo. You can search by decade to find your favorite movie in this collection.


This is another one with lots of different links, but mainly this is for the horror/sci-fi enthusiast. If you fit into that category, this is the section for you. Some of the categories include:




Dark Hero

Fun Times

Bad Asses

Rock Zombies

As you can see there are lots of horrifying options for those who are so inclined. You’ll have to let us know how you feel about those.


This section has a superior selection of HD movies. Not only is the selection good, but the sources are very reliable. If you have a 3D TV, you can also check here to find movies that will broadcast in 3D. The selection does include a lot of newer (2014 and 2015) movies as well as a large variety of kids movies.


The Categories listed in this add-on are:




Themes – (Includes things like gangsters, heroes, actors, etc.)

Stand up

Documentaries – (music, food, film, etc.)

News Updates

This section has a little bit of a misleading name as it does not have news updates. This section is filled with lots of viral YouTube videos for your enjoyment.


All of our Hockey fans will really love this add-on. It provides live streams for all or most of the Hockey games for a given night. You can also click the “archived games” link at the top of the section to view games from previous nights with the option to watch the whole game or a condensed version of either the home team or away team.


That sums up all of the add-on sub sections of the amazing Phoenix add-on. We hope that this helps provide a more enjoyable viewing experience for you. If you haven’t installed this add-on do it TODAY!

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