A Little Tip That Can Make Your Streaming Easier

Here at Element, we love our customers. We want you to enjoy getting all of the content the box provides as much as we do. Our technical support team works tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction.

One thing that we have noticed a lot of lately is a simple, yet extremely important step that is getting missed that is vital to your box working properly. Setting the date, time, and time zone, and connecting to the internet are extremely important. Google and Android constantly check to make sure the date, time and time zone matches to your geographical location. If it is not set correctly, many items on the box will not function properly, if at all.

Setting your date and time will be done a little differently depending on which Element box you have. Click the link below that corresponds with your Element box.

Click HERE for a video tutorial on the Element Ti8.

Click HERE for a video tutorial on the Element Ti4.

Click HERE for a video tutorial on the Element Ti5.

For the Element Ti5 and Ti8, always make sure the “automatic date and time” setting is turned on. This prevents you from having to check this setting more than once.

When it comes to checking your internet connection, seeing the WIFI or Ethernet logo at the top of the screen doesn’t always tell the whole story. Try running a speed test to ensure that your box is connected to the internet. If you are having a difficult time running a speed test, chances are something isn’t set correctly. We recommend unplugging your modem and router, along with your box once a week, or once every other week to ensure the connection is at its full potential. Many times modems and routers can get bogged down with bandwidth as well, so a simple unplugging for a minute or two to reset and reconnect to devices can be a good thing. Unplugging your box and letting it reset at the same time as your modem and router can be beneficial as well.

We know this is common practice by most of you to check your date and time, and even your Internet connection from time to time, but making it common practice can help you eliminate possible issues for you down the road, and give you the best opportunity to use the box to its fullest potential!

We recommend checking the date and time as the first step in the troubleshooting process.

Happy Streaming!!!

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