5 Tricks to Get the Best Reception from your HD Antenna

HD Antennas are an integral part of the cable cutting package. They allow you to stream all of your live local channels in crystal clear HD.

The Over the Air signal from an HD Antenna is not compressed like it would be on a cable or satellite stream. This means that the picture is a much higher quality than those options.

Also, the live local channels are the perfect complement to the unlimited on demand streaming offered on Element products. It allows you to stay up to date on all local news and weather. In most areas, this content is a necessity.

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Since the shift to digital signals in 2009, finding a channel can be a little tricky. With digital signals you either get a crystal clear picture or nothing at all.

Because of the importance of these local streams we wanted to give some tips on how to get the best reception out of your HD Antenna. Some of these may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised at how much of a difference it can make.

1. Find out where the Towers are located.

Like we said, some of these seem like common sense. This trick can double the amount of channels you are able to receive on your antenna. There are some great resources on TVFool.com and AntennaWeb.org. These sites allow you to enter your address to see the location and direction of the broadcast towers in your area. Pointing the antenna in the direction of the towers can make a huge difference in the signal strength and quality. These sites are also helpful in determining what kind of range your antenna needs to pick up these channels.

2. Keep the Antenna away from any metal.

Metallic surfaces near your HD Antenna can disrupt or even block the digital signal. If you have a metal roof, placing an antenna in the attic may not have the best results. Also, if you place the Antenna on a window with a metal bug screen or metal burglar bars, this can cause problems with the signal. It’s better to place it in a place without any metal surfaces.

3. Place it Up High

When you check your Antenna signal on one of the sites like TV Fool or AntennaWeb, you will be asked the height at which your Antenna has been placed. The reason for this is that typically the higher the Antenna is positioned, the more channels you can receive. This is why outdoor antennas get so many channels. Placing the Antenna high on a wall may require a longer coaxial cable. However, don’t go too long on the cable, as that can degrade the signal.

4. Place it on or near a window.

It’s simple, the fewer barriers between your Antenna and the broadcast tower, the better. Also, make sure the window doesn’t have many large barriers outside of it, like a brick wall or a large tree. With our reversible HD Antenna, we recommend placing the antenna with the white side towards the sun to reduce heat absorption. Another tip, tape all for corners to the window to prevent any bending or warping.

5. Test Different Placements

If your Antenna is not working in one spot, try another spot using some of the previous suggestions. Each time you place the antenna in a new spot, run a channel scan to see how many you get. See if you get more channels in one spot than others. It would be perfect if the first place you tried was the best, but it doesn’t always happen that way. Try a couple of positions to see what works best for you.

With a little persistence and some research, you can get the most out of your HD Antenna!

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